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Who is the Ment?

note from rodin : a rare post indeed - it mentions not 'Keynsian'

The every person. The dreams, the hopes the fears.
 The longing for recognition. The hope of connection in a mad dash. Our contribution, our voice, our deepest feelings, not quite able to escape the pangs of birth.

Still struggling to overcome our limitations, our bias, our judgments.
We continue to judge the other fellow, as not good enough, as a flaw in the system.

We ourselves of course upright and correct. We ment and fume. We agitate and annoy. We crush the other ideas with flights of fancy. We plead, we beg, we cry. \\

In our own pillows we find the grace to be ourselves.

And dream those dreams. and find our center.

And then in the light of day. We set looking into the mirror of our own soul. And then and only then can we only judge ourselves. and we must find that we are the very things we judge in others.

Hidden from our view.

The ment is the object of our own desires, the hidden light that can be seen in moments of clarity. As we come to grips with our own weakness, and then in silent understanding.

Plead with the universe. That as the dust of time comes slowly into my life. let me please. Find time to kiss a cloud, and smell a rose.

And then find common ground with all of those who call this earth their home. and be content to put our arms around a struggle in the crowd.

And grace that object with a smile, a wink, and then fall down upon our knees and plead that kindness be our lot, and confess our weakness to the wind.

As we lie down with the ages. And once again take our place with history's forgotten past.

Perhaps our life then will have meaning, then to a stranger we tossed a dime. And to the cripple we lent a hand.

And find that cripple to be every person. In disguise as ment. And to look in our own hand and see the dime.



Fight brawl.. more news worthy..
over a basketball game. americans are brain dead. 95% of um.. gasp..
oops thats me....

headline news.. the implications are sickening,, in my opinion.

in wake of this.,

Not a single major voice has been raised in the American media
against the ongoing destruction of Fallujah. While much of the world
recognizes something horrifying has occurred, the US press does not
bat an eye over the systematic leveling of a city of 300,000 people.

and where are the weapons , and who did what to who. who cares about
lies and propaganda. and an administration that covers up in
business , gold, and hedonistic accounting.

It is a short life we need to be tolerant and giving.  We soon will take our place in the history of mans limited attempt to be something. The graves of a thousand years ago. show most of pomp and glory is a faded dream.
What do I know, nothing? And life will record that knowledge in the pages of dust.
We come on the stage, take a few bows, and puff we are gone. "Much ado about nothing," a Midsummer's night dream.
So I do what I do because it is what I do, freedom. And the right to be ourselves.  Let nobody take that away from you.  
A snowflake has a million-forms.

Pondering the meaning of life.

And the deep stuff in the forum of life. Hearts and minds.

on the nature of freedom. What it is, how it works.

The sound bits of the nature of money, the nature of wealth and work. Yes, we need the constant reminder. History a great teacher is forgotten. Well, not only forgotten but left unread, and the lesson that are given almost a blank wall.

Freedom such a brief moment. And never understood. In my opinion. the deft tossing around of bewildered thinking in the most part. This is the way follow.

All the brilliance of freedom. Already said and lived by histories past. forgotten and unused. Freedom seems to be an individual experience that cannot be taught, or given to another.

We either see it. And live it. or we do not. And all the manuals and self help books. of others sweat and tears are mostly ignored.

All freedom, all wealth all is the product of individual expression, the division of labor principles of self direction and self improvement. Give a man a fish is the smell of Keynesian logic. A dead and dying product is and will sow the seeds of death. Let a man fish for him self. and the product is not only a fish but the joy and understanding of a process of creation.

We can banter the paper dollar and the process we see with our eyes. Yet where would we be in the absence of the Keynesian ideal. That is what is seen, and felt, and has been drummed into our brains.

That model must be scrapped and destroyed to enjoy the full measure of freedom. we talk of energy and fuel as if the world were coming to an end. In the absence of freedom, that is the nature of progression. None.

With freedom we would not even be having the discussion. In the very nature of the situation know that freedom is on the back burner.

We talk of paper units, we talk of this and that. With freedom and a standard measured in the expression of gold. We would not be having the discussion.

Look at the world. It is what it is because of that lost freedom and the wink and nod fraud that is masquerading as progress. I suspect that only the washing out of the system by the flush of unprecedented debt and misallocated resources will be necessary.

What we refuse to learn from history. Will be the lesson that our childrens, children will be reading.

And the hope is that they will listen to the flush, and see the carnage brought about on a failed system that has never worked but for the few,  

Until then. A hot Latte, a smile, and a realization that the best teacher of all is the experience. An individual coming to grips with his own nature. here is where we grasp the futility of changing any one but ourselves.

And in changing our self we change the world. Perhaps we need to work on our selves more. <g>

A Tribute to Jim Sinclair.
A genius, with the heart of a lion, and the soul of a king. He in my opinion never really expected those gold numbers to show up. His is the voice saying they may. Do not take my advice on anything.
And he wanted those in his circle who learned the valuable lesson of self protection.  Any who bought gold or Hui in his time frame prospered. Hui went from 170 or so to 220. Gold from 398 to now at 412. .. So if they (followers and not seekers) lost money they did the very thing he warned against.
Those who margined and where blind to the movement of gold lost. And became bitter. My he has been a clear voice against the sloppy, and evil Keynesian system of economics. And one of the few that would lift his voice in opposition. Such a rare and priceless gift. Honest intention, and clear vision.
Not for price targets. They are really not important on the short term but the direction and steady erosion of our most priceless gift. To be a free person. And he is all of that. Even in the death of his beloved. he still walks free and undersands the beauty of life and the eternal nature of all relationships. A golden chain of understanding. Such a gift.
I bow to that experience that so willingly gives the time and effort, for the expression of his caring. 
With grace and humor. And even in a loss such virtue.  
Nothing Mentioned nothing Gained
Much is not mentioned in the discourse of the editorial writer.  But "Much" is way to hard for the mind to come to grips with. Russia, children blown up..this happened in the earlier stages of the Viet Nam carnage, oil, and opium war, by the CIA.
Nobody will come to grips with 9-11. A tragedy of our own making, and nobody will look at the cause. Keynesianism would be a good start. It has roots in terror, and can only be fostered and upheld by progressive steps in greater terror, But the consequences of that insight would cast the finger at all of the economics profession, political minds, universities, the very selective and primitive idea of a master race, and gods manifest destiny.
an Idea that should have been exposed early, but the mind was too fond of an easy answer for progress, and would not see the consequences until it would be to late.
We destroy with unseen fingers the hope of mankind. With arrogance and blind belief. I do weep.

Oh the economic understanding is awesome.

Consider in the 1930 most contracts had a gold cover clause... which protected the the contract holder from getting back less than the contract.. the contract had to be redeemed at par with gold's backing.. thus protecting the original contract in a inflationary context the other side of the contract would be better off redeeming the contract sooner than later.. thus lowering the money supply. 

Deflation built into the system,

Today no contracts have a gold cover clause so the contract holder is in effect at mercy of inflation.. and the other side of the contract is not rushing to cash in with today's dollars. He will wait as inflation rips apart the value of the contract. 

Thus inflation built into the system.

Find me one scholarly look at that concept.. the fact that the gold cover clause made the fact of the 30's depression more pronounced . where as today the planners will hyperinflate the system with depression as the end game .

Inflation is coming down the pike like a freight train it is hear now. gas, milk, everything.. and people talk depression.

But what of the twin concepts of gold cover clause , and no gold cover clause.. one reduces the money supply with a protection, and other as a driver of more money supply the devil be in the details. The contract holder is the victim. Nixon closed the gold window and let inflation rob Peter to pay Paul.

That issue does not get any press .. how come? The wisdom of the economist of to day is breathless for sure. Why no mention of this concept? Find it for me any one..

Whistles, Banners and Balloons
The political season in America is upon us. We are once again dancing to the flute of a political charade.
We spend thousands of hours in study of Whistles, Banners, and Balloons.  But hardly ten minutes in trying to understand the death of reason and freedom. Keynesian socialist polices are endorsed. Poison is administered a drip at a time.
We have not taken the time to study the principles of Austrian Economics outlined in the novel Atlas Shrugged, nor have we listened to the warnings in Orwell's 1984. The Road to Serfdom by Hayek is ignored on our road to  the promise of a forgotten history,
We vote as if some magic hand pushes us to participate in our own slavery. It is a persons duty, it is the call of the freeman to vote. No choices mind you just vote. Plan A is a rope, plan B is a gun.  But as certain as Roundup will kill a plant. We sow the very seeds of our own demise.
High school popularity contest, promises made, smiling 200 million productions.  a dinner laced with cyanide, and the slow death of freedom at the alter of political suicide. What strange bedfellows.  Hemlock is administered as the body politic lowers it's head into the pillow of denial and blindness, the eyes covered by black, ear plugs of stone. Drink up they smile it will not hurt again.
We follow the sound of the flute, the whistle and the dance of laughing eyes, and devious hearts... the parade of crowd pleasing propaganda that wags the dog of popular myth.
And we do it all, like Pavlov's dog, with Whistles, Banners and Balloons. Ring. Drool. 

The Absence of the Roman Empire

In the dialogue of today.. we bring out the experts to explain what is happening..

Sinclair brings on the greatest mind in the history of economic thought..

The 9-11 committee brings forth a document that omits glaring inconsistencies. 

Religious texts of a distorted and tortuous logic arrive at consensus. 

Complete distortions of word usage and meanings fit modern customs and attitudes.

Socialist attitudes brought into the body politic for a generation - so slow that we think that is the the way things ought to be..

The opportunity costs are tremendous in the absence of what would have given us greater prosperity and freedom. the group "think" will analysis a broken and futile system. They pronounce that scholarship.

The Keynsian system was what was needed they say.. Not mentioning the abuse, the financial interests, the world slowly evolving to the hands of those who would be in power.. 

Not by work but by deception.

Where is the brain power to see the whole picture? Either it is left out by fear, or it is paid to play loose and easy with the truth.. They say well that is the way it is.. and then scramble to confuse as many people as possible with intellectual gobbledegook.

So we are left with a distorted view of that which should be.. the history books confuse, the economic priesthood fall far short.

The clergy fall far short.

Political hypocrisy is everywhere, running around with no clothes on, shells with out substance. News media, and people in general, repeat the same untruth. Pro and con.. 

 A republic, 800 years of prosperity, clipping coins, quest for empire, public displays in the circus of propaganda, public baths and public ease.

The absence of the Roman Empire speaks volumes.

Resistance Movement 17

Where does "resistance" ultimately come from?
People who SELL their physical at arbitrary technical points!

If more people based their buy/sell decisions on fundamentals, nobody would even consider selling in the $400's. Even if a small percentage of goldbugs who "trade" their physical holdings on technicals decided to stay put...If only a small number of people said "Screw it...I'm holding through his one.", real-world inventories of gold and silver would be quickly depleted...Dealerships nationwide would be placing orders to restock, and without willing sellers making knee-jerk liquidations 'technical' points, all of these "resistance" levels would vanish, as the real world supply/demand situation overwhelms all charting logic.

I know this isn't likely to happen, with so many TA automatic trading systems set up...and I certainly don't begrudge anyone taking profits...but I don't think they realize that following the herd that takes an ultra short term outlook on the markets is what is really preventing gold and silver from enjoying a significant (and sustained) rise.

I really wish more goldbugs should focus their efforts on convincing people of the LONG TERM merits of owning precious metals, and focus less on chart trading and technical analysis. Taking the physical stuff off the market and encouraging others to do the same is the only sure way to end the paper money game.

Another Rant against Technical Analysis

For three and a half years the Ment has been shouting from the roof tops.. In every possible way subtile, point blank, pleading, wearing red shirts, clafdb's .. hidden identities.. all symbols.. yet so few understand. He is mad, he is drivel, he is this he is that..

While all the time crowing to the altar of the market.. Fibos, and pivots, and hanging crows, while this managed market in gold has made experts in the TA of yesterday..

These traders will spend thousand of dollars on books, and manuals, and trade stations.. good.. that is a okay.. but spend zip on knowledge of Keynes, of Mises. Will not pick up the 18th and 19th chapters of Reisman - Gold and inflation..

Will dance to the tune of the political charade.that gives us a choice of how much poison to administer to a dying patient.

Yet the trader will come on to the gold board and say their is no room for other talk than the markets and making money,..

What about the Creature (from Jekyll Island - ed), what about Atlas Shrugged, what about 1984, what about a voice of the dead poets, who warned? No body gets it .. they will not take the time to understand the voice of history.

The drivel in editorials are gospel to the halls of economic madness. Nary a thought about Keynsian economics. It would destroy their world as much as Galileo would destroy the ignorance of the church showing the world was not the center of the universe.. He paid with his life..

The framers of this constitution gave their lives for a republic.. now we have democracy and mush and fiat. We are too young and foolish to read the signs of bondage. We would much rather read the charts..

Paragraph of book written 50 years from now 

 "This was an age of economic stupidity. Without a clue this generation staggered to the edge of Pavlovian
Bell think. Unable to reason, to read, to concentrate more than 20 seconds, or to draw conclusions, given more than five options. This was a time of Political religion, a very sacred religion where immorality and behavior suited for groveling pigs was tolerated. And even endorsed".

It was a time when short term profit and economic gain was more important than integrity. Open honest discussion was brushed aside for short term advantage. And these short comings and a dozen other flawed and un-noticed character defects were partially responsible for the destruction and hardship of billions.

Perhaps we as a new and open society will grow on the bedrock of honest endeavor. And learn the lessons of history. Perhaps we will for another 200 years. until we are again faced with the prospect of thinking that we ourselves are important to the exclusion of others. and again return to idea that other people are the reason for our loss. And once again we force the public view that majority rule is a panacea. And that government can make a paradise."


I think those who compare now, with that time are looking in the wrong window..

Try 1790. 1928.. We are heading for cycles of economic trouble that are bigger than the memory and experience of all..

Waves can be propelled by forces that are raging. Do you think we appease the Arab state by selling military hardware? 

200 year cycles which have left civilizations clinging to a reed are coming this way.. Read the voice of history..Tuchmans.. "The March of Folly" for starters..

We await $1000 gold and some roll in glory over 5% gains in short-term market trading. 

Gold website boards are much to important to be left to day traders who bask in the glory of making money on short term trades in the gold bull market that will allow any with a patient attitude  to make money.

Trade at highs and lows.. be smart.. but please do not think that day trading is the sigma cum $ for what will make this a better world.. it is mind warp, and we need intelligent, thoughtful folks who will laugh, and play, and find virtue in diverse thought and common ground..

That is what gold represents and we mock the very liberty it is supposed to represent with blinders on,.. in my opinion.. yes trade away.. but remember we are dealing with forces that no one understands and we give advice on a daily basis on short term and painted charts..

More than T. A.

I know that some give Jim Sinclair the short look because
some how he has not helped some turn a dime..

But of all the the voices you will hear.. in my opinion you will
never find, maybe a couple his equal.. But he is a true un-bought and
unsold voice.

His knowledge is staggering, and his insights border on genius in my
opinion. He is an Austrian economist, a free man.. not simpering to
the tide, not allowing his feet to walk in the muck of a thousand
shrill voices that must conform to the mass for daily bread.

He is a true gift for those who long for freedom. A treasure in the
financial world of graft, outright lies and propaganda. His site is
read by more top ranking officialdom than any other site in the gold

He may not be to your liking, but usually the few who do stand out,
are never recognised by the crowd because the crowd can only judge
by it's lower standards.

He is still human never forget that. But also never forget that so
are we.

How many have read Willie's last post on inflation, another Austrian
economist with a rare ability to think. And should be read by all, not only read but studied.

How many have taken the time to read chapters 18 and 19 in The
classic work Capitalism by George Reisman, on the former Keynsian,
and the latter inflation and gold.

Give your self a gift in your trading and pillage of others and
understand truly what is happening in this sad world of propaganda.

And minute think, and other practices that represent a world of un-
imaginative and black box thinking. Cash is desirable but there are
other things even more precious. The gift of being, the gift of
freedom, the gift of work, the gift of love.

All of these are being ripped apart by a sordid and propaganda driven
lust for power and money and fame. Represented by the crowning of a
dead and dying nation. More interested in dust than substance, and
brandishing the tools of deception will sell out any one for popular
and financial gain.

Sinclair is saying we are choking on the remains of the Keynsian system.
Is anybody listening? Gold is the secondary issue. Does any body
have the tools and discernment to listen. and to study and learn more
than T. A.?

The Death of Reason.

We see death on a daily basis. Like it catches us by surprise. Death
creeps every where. In little ways no doubt. First it comes in subtle
ways, perhaps it takes a distant friend who we knew long ago. We
pause then continue our lives. We see the death of freedom.
Slowly they disappear distant freedoms, like a tax to cover the bills
of the homeless. We pause and continue our lives. We then hear of
death in distant places little deaths a few, a hundred. We pause and
say how sad. And continue our lives.

Then the death of thousands, we hear, for freedom as they say. We
pause then wonder about our lives our freedom. Yet we go on as living
takes it's toll.

We pause at airports. We pause at events, we pause at banks, we pause
at check points, we pause as taxes creep into our lives. Fiat is
created we see the death of savings. We pause and lift a voice alone
we wonder why. For the common good we are told. We phase and go our

Then slowly we lose the the guide of history, facts distorted, events
realigned to meet the need of emotion. Slowly we die to freedom.
Slowly we die to ourselves. Death is constant, on the battle field,
in the hospitals, at birth, an act of human living. We can not stop
this death for it comes unchallenged finally. But the death of freedom
is an act of suicide. We cause it ourselves with the death of reason.

Small Towns, Small Minds, and Manure.
As the world becomes smaller with the growth of technology and transportation. Culture and ideas seem to grind to the mean and lower. The world has become indifferent to suffering. Which we mitigate with words and bombs?
Communication is reduced to soundbites. Faces are glowing from the boxes in living rooms world wide. We pay homage to the dead and ignore the living. Hanging on lies we grow accustomed to the creeping loss of freedom. Perhaps we do not know the meaning of freedom.
We close the curtains to our minds and except propaganda of the few who would rule our lives with lies. Afraid to escape the mundane we flee to the path of gobblegook.
Not willing to think new thoughts for ourselves we quote masters of deceit. The economist of the day, business leaders, politicians. The politics of destruction amid the balloons of the high school of our youth.  Placards and hype and empty promise.
It seems we have reduced our selves to small town gossip, Peyton Place, our minds acccept poison and food, and the whiff of big brother not as slogan but as a fact. Now is a good time to get out your copy of Madness of Crowds by Mackay and get a whiff. Of the destruction that is caused by fiat and what happens in the market place when greed abounds,
Notice that smart people leaving the city with gold hidden in wagons piled high with manure. Me thinks that manure is sweeter and the best place to hide. For it beats the lies and propaganda, the printing press, and vultures on the prowl.

Uncharted Waters 

Have now been reading mostly semi-bullish news guys, who now as the market turns are saying 'stuff sure changes fast now we might see a turn in market in gold be careful.. we could go down to fill in the pivot point and gap left over from a painted chart... blah. blah.' and on and on..

We are entering uncharted waters, that nobody has seen before and I find it incredulous that so many have an answer for every contingency.. never having been here before..

It is like a person being an expert in bronco riding when the closest they have been to a horse is in the movies..

1000's of opinions and nobody with the guts to just say.. 'I have never been in this situation before, and frankly just do not know.. '

It is 1994, it is 1987, it is this it is that.. baloney they do not know.. Debt of a magnitude never before seen in History, Derivatives 200 trillion with what to back them up? 

Let me listen to me first.. because most other's opinions mean squat.. 

A couple I listen to..

We do not know the power of gold, nor the evil money system that no one will mention for fear.. yes fear of the shadow that falls on their very idiocy.. Keynsians, Socialists.

My record in gold and silver is - I caught the turn at the exact time and place.. and have been a student of gold for longer than a year..

And longer than five, and longer than most.. and know the difference between poison and food, and socialism and freedom, and Keynsian and Austrian.. But please do not bring that stuff up.. it disturbs my trading ability..

And until a letter b-s er comes out and shows me he knows the difference.. then his talk is so much baloney.. And empty talk.. in my humble opinion.

Mr. Willie understands, some few others.. not naming names but if the shoe fits.. maybe those that show emotion. But most people will not put 2x2 together..

Democracy.. American Style

If the price of gold is suppressed and fiat rules the day..

We will have created a hell hole for ourselves and our children..

And the power of special interests will make our lives a living cess-pool.. Fiat has no loyality but to the masters.. It makes a slave out of every body and every thing.. perhaps the eastern world will come to our rescue (unknowingly) as we line up to read the latest lies and grasp at the alligator thinking it to be a log.

They have had enough of democracy.. American style..

For it is a monster.. it is not freedom but the rule of the average idea, the average among us.. Freedom brings out the best and brightest..

Gold is the foundation for that ideal, because it preserves the right of private property, Ideas, thought, wealth, and most precious of all.. Freedom..

Not some freedom, not a little this a little that.. but freedom for one gives freedom for all.. any vote for the idea of majority rules is the brain dead idea, of the weak, and corrupted ideals of socialism..

Look and see the results of american democracy.. wars, inflation, lies, cover-ups, what more need be said.. just look..

For your own good

Gold Cup with Handle

Saturday in the closet as I look over the earth and dream. Of laughter, of sinking into a soft bed of understanding, acceptance.  People of all walks exercising the fruits of their own labor. Quiet times in a mansion, in a tent, in the sands, on a hill. 
Friends and lovers and dreamers, going about the business of creating life, of living life, of sharing life.
Not at the expense of others, in the notion that we must be lawed to death, to be spun to death with words. With pronouncements from on low.  Do this do that, for your own good, All like a b-rated movie?  The destruction of nations have been started with these words, "for your own good" (see Alice Miller and the roots of violence)
I am beating the hell out of you for your own good, said the father of Hitler, as he was tormented and abused as a child. Of course this is no excuse.  The whole German culture was a case study of abuse and the use of the belt for control.  A message from the past. We have not yet figured out. Does this go on much too often?
Might makes right .. lessons go unheeded, we repeat the dance of yesterday, in the stars, in the charts, in the misery of our lives.
We should as a nation bow in shame, in sackcloth and ashes. And plead forgiveness for the misery and sorrow we have caused to others.. and plead with the gods of karma to have mercy on nations, and it's children and it's wives and fathers and leaders.
Oh I know the hysterics that will follow by some with this statement, so be it. With logic and historical truth any sound bite coming in my direction would be destroyed with the pen of justice and the paper of history.
I write and give voice because of the nature of gold and honesty and freedom
The closet the dream of transformation and the destruction of the wicked witch of the West.

To whom it may concern

In my closet, the laptop is a window to the world.
I have scanned the views of many, and wish to offer a different point of view.
For starters my I go to the weekly silver bulletin issued by the respected Jason Hummel.
Here is a missive that gives valuable information on silver and miners, yet his bullish view on gold and silver is influenced by the writings of the prophetic view point of an angry god that has no control over his creation, that the solution is to bath the world in blood.. as Satan and his host take care of the sinners at the last days, and then throws in his and the fundamental Christians view of a world gone amok.
At the same time others in the eastern thought, also have scripture that in the same respect gives an opposite and equal reaction that in fact it is the western world that needs to be purged. 
At the seeds of the gold and silver break out, and the war of the religious points of view. No clear answer has been given. It as if the brains and logic of the best minds have reached a decided dullness that makes me hide in the closet much deeper than necessary.
Lets us examine the scripture of both cultures with a different point of view..For a change let us stop our preprogrammed response..and clearly look at the Book of Death. (Revelation)
This Book has been the subject of all the horrors of the world for 1500 years. It has been the excuse of the crusades, wars, justification for all the empty promises of a god gone amuck. Satans wrath to bring the sinners to justice.
The Christian viewpoint was used by Hitler to purge the Jews, was used by The Pilgrim fathers to savage the American Indian, to destroy a nation in Peru. With horror and blood.
Enough I say.
The Book of Revelation is an attempt by John to destroy the very nature of the human beast. It was His own struggle to overcome his very nature.  To seek that kingdom of god within his own self. The symbols he used were understood by the original mind that could read (very few could). of demons that existed within. (by the way this is the same message of Buddha for those with eyes to see ). It was a message for himself, and others who would not point fingers at others but would look with in, for the keys to Christian and human living.
The symbol 666 in numerology is a number not yet complete.  777 more complete and the number 12 was used as wholeness.  And why the number of the beast as some public figure is beyond my powers to understand. 
We use the symbol of the walking lady of liberty on the silver coin. This does not mean she is a real lady, but the symbol of freedom.
The Book of
Revelation is being used even  today to justify a war in progress, as a sign of gods willingness to allow satan the power to scourge the earth with death. It has been used in Jones-Town to feed the believers with a cup of poison.  It has been used as the excuse for whole groups of believer's to sell all and stand in open fields waiting for the rapture.  Some as early as 1860 here in America. Last I noticed they were still waiting.
All scripture when penned by the original authors was an attempt  to tell the folks to kill the monster with in. To destroy root and all, the evil nature of our own limited understanding.  The beast and evil pictures were greed, and anger, and tendency's to protect ourselves at any cost.
We now see a Christian nation going into war and performing some of the most evil things to consider. Making terrified brothers and sisters, take off clothes and perform sadistic acts for information. How I cry out for justice from my closet.
A Christian ethic that wants for love your neighbor as your very self, do no kill, forgive 70x times 70= forever. And the very nature of the softness of the human nature.
No wonder our brothers and sister find the Christian point of view pointless and most defend them selves with angry voices. And now the force of terrior.
Out of the shadow of Christianity the message of peace we send rockets, and blood and misery. We defend our selves with empty platitudes of it is gods will.
I weep here in the closet for a nation and a world, adrift in the  sludge of empty ideas, and empty people, and empty lives


Ski has some amazing success.. over the last 20 years he started his system because his dad lost his savings trusting in gold.. when it went down at the peak in 1980..

He then was going to develop a system of back prices being the indicators of future events, mind you in a controlled fiat dollar explosion, with short selling of gold and the predictable flow of the back prices with their ebbs and flow.. brilliant and oh so predictable..

2000 people follow his work on a regular basis, untold read it on the other site..

But is this your same old mother kitchen.. The gold and share market during this period was US based. Most of the hands that held gold as a memory of government bullshot are dead.. Ayn Rand is a misnomer, an old lady without a clue..

My has the the memory bank been wiped clean of the vicious nature of fiat.. government control freedom.. it is as if this is all left out of the discussion. Charts say this.. a repeat of the past.. of who's past?

This is my poser.. do we live in a time of terror on our soil.. was this programmed into the genes of those who push the charts out from the mind of all is well in Zion approach..

What about the voice of Sinclair, Kenny Adams.. it's as if we do not want the gene pool of past experience.. the naysayers of 77,78,79, were all touting the same message.. dollar.. gold is old fashioned.. with the USA alone pushed the price to $850..

Now we are world wide, the USA money will look like small change as the China , and India, and middle east oil money run for the cover of gold.. this has never happened in any life time.. on a grand scale. Have any seen it.. I say no. pockets yes

Will the experience of history come into play? Not in the TA of today. We have to look at the waves that last 150 years and they are not pretty.

Short term anything can happen.. but we do not have many alive today who stood in the bread lines of failed government policies, no one from 1700 France, no one from 1940 Germany, Russia just a few years ago.. are not charting the TA today.. Have you ever had your bank go broke, the sound of fire, and scream of children seeing homes burned to the ground. Guns placed to your head for a laugh. We have some pretty pissed off folks in this world that do not believe the dancing dollar story. It has brought their cultures to their knees.

This people believe that usury is a crime.. that work and happy families are more important than the rise of a skyscraper on stolen land..

They have lived the ebb and flow of years,.. in the very genes of a culture that we call savage.. who are the savaged..

Will the river stop its flow because a few TA guys are bearish.. what short term stylish bull in my opinion..

 Make your money with the creation of real wealth not the filtering of a dirty dollar that cries out from the dust of a billion broken lives.. and will one day be covered by the earth we call our home..

From a self admitted wild man

.. but he has made a fortune in gold.. 
and that is what the traders desire.. cash.. and more cash.. for a payment of cash..

Raise your hand or fore-ever hold your piece.. oh no takers.. so what is the measure of success in the world of the trade, and analysts that sell their trade..

  "Technical analysis devoid of fundamental understanding is worth less than tinsel. It is used to manipulate indexes and gold itself" J.S.

The whole, in my personal opinion, will be worth much more that all the sum of it's parts.. happy trading..

When the game is over and we return to the sanity of the honest work and effort.. Building with brick and stone and the inspiration of the free man..

We talk of energy shortage. This is hog wash.. the whole earth and universe is energy.. the only shortage is the shortage of freedom, which has been caused by governments and small puny ideas, that come because of sludge, the socialist ideal, and Keynes,


Been laughing all day in my room. On and off of course.
We have the greatest debt bubble in History of man.  The greatest frenzy of printing fiat in the history of man. World wide cheating and deception unparalleled in history. The greatest propaganda machine world wide.
A social mentality that is focused on mating and dating habits of strangers.  Little skinny people everywhere acting out the icons of civilization.
Hairdo's, and face-lifts and tummy tucks on the tube. More attention to face and fame, than substance and truth.
Will the gold's go up, will they go down-line and out?
Rome seems to be on fire, and tiddlywinks and sober faced midgets fester and canker the body politic.
There is only one way for gold to go. and that is it will be more valuable than what ever the alternative will be.. for the exchange of work and value.,
We live in the twenty-second sound bite, the day trade. The yell and shout gang. my way. Is best. over here over there.
Peace here in Olathe, quiet, reflective. and as far as I look. Every thing is the same. Must be the sound of time beating out its rhythm. Will we outlive the calender, the rocks, the trees, the very stuff that sustains and nurtures mother earth?  On its destiny to cover our bodies and voices.. with a silent resolve.


67 people sound off on where the HUI is going..

All are looking at the same HUI movement. All have followed the gold thing.. All with different outcomes..

Most are technical people with I suspect a green eye shade cap.. and about ten bucks to their name.. well maybe a little more but you get my point,

Most will not utter Keynesianisms if their very life depended on it.. Most are economists who practice the deeper mysticism of lines and such.. Believing it to be the end all..

Can these charts draw the huge suffering this socialist scheme has festered on this mother earth. When will the word fraud cross their puckered lips.

An ode to the dollar, to the pound, to the yen.

Will they follow this trend to the end.. or does something ring inside that says, lies.. we trend the lies of a civilization. 

Until the trend line ends.. not with a bang, but a whimper..

A muse and a half 

Wife is in Vancouver at a meeting with the Dalai Lama the 14th, and some of her friends

Just returned from a 7-11 latte.. And I will be thinking out loud. I do this for myself and any who want to share go ahead..

A forum of ideas, about gold and silver and and very essence of freedom and personal property and individual identity.. A Book by Cahill called "The Gift of the Jews" He also wrote a book called how the "Irish saved Civilization". another day.. Both must reads.

But one of the great contributions that the Jewish culture gave to our basic birthright was the idea and higher consciousness that we as individuals were independent and are not some form of mass group..

The idea of individual rights is pretty new in the history of this world. The d1vine right of kings, and gods, and whim of the elite to think of folks as part of the mass. With no history or common feelings.. Remember Shakespeares "hath not a Jew feelings, etc"

Anyway a forum is a place where all can come to participate and share and articulate.. A place to hone skills of communication.. Without the grunts and burps of our ancestors.

We see even on a board of this quality the screams and hollers of those who disagree..  And I am no different.

But the messenger is the message. We forget. Lest I forget some it is not intentional.. Just space..

(About Gold Eagle Forum Posters - Ed.)

Farm Boy,, His wonderful essays.. but the message is patience. The farm is a system.. You plant in the spring, harvest in the fall. Work, and dirt and laughter.. Life.. chickens and eggs. Wait for the harvest.. do not pluck before the fruit is ripe.. You get the picture.

Rodin.. Shares his work.. free.. He is casting his bread on the water.. Zeal.. sharing his work free, weekly.. and he has more work than he can do in a life time.. others very good hide their gifts under a bushel. 

Wanka.. a gift of grace. an honest man. a dying breed of what I call the uncommon man. He would take the very shirt off his back to shelter. But looks the flim flam in the eye and says enough.

JJay.. Well read, a character. adventure new experience, Takes no wooden nickles.

Joy a different view point from the stars.. Maybe we should all look that way at times..

smsc charts, Roger Babson, trains.. going up going down, on the sidelines, little do we realize a symbol of our lives.

TQ. A gift from Canada.. uncommon, a neighbor to the north. a gentleman

Las Vegas Gold.. From the heart of darkness a light can we see it.

others across the globe reaching out do we get it.

Hasty, what's in a name.

SLD a peace maker.. blessed are the peace makers.. in a world at war even in little things like speech and ideas..

Where is Hook, Tlaga, some who lite up the board with insight.. do we all lose because of their absence? Of course but whose loss is greatest? To share is to reap a greater harvest.. just my opinion.

( Actually Captain Hook and Tlaga still post editorials. Hook and Zeal both have subscription services - Ed.)

And all the others who care enough to share. Thank you

And for what is is worth as a gesture of respect I try to read all.. If I am a participant, I try to get the thread of the messages. I hope all do.. and take the time to respond to others.. common courtesy.. The great lesson of a forum.. And a symbol of loving our neighbor. A lesson lost on a world that is looking for an answer.. to the problems.. it is right before our nose.. will we eat?

Oh to have the pen of steel and the voice of a oracle.. to make intentions and meanings clear.. Maybe with practice and more attempts, writing can be as effective as one on one speech.. augh, To my clafdb, and giggle man.. The world is too much for me.. Simple solutions.

Yet we want complex answers..

( The author requested I re-post the above - first posted on Gold Eagle Forum, now slightly abridged - Ed.)


Those things are not to find. Do you find a needle in a haystack. Take all the hay away. behold the needle.
Pay no attention to the two dollar bills, the lies. They are like the mirage of water on a desert road. You do not believe the water will drown the car. When you reach the point that the bills and lies are like the water they will drop away.
Leaving only the needle. The Hay is blown away by the act of meditation.  the mind paints the pictures. They are an outcropping of your own and the worlds beliefs.
The Prince of Peace is all. 
Be still and know that that all is "I" and "I will never leave or forsake you.
"I' is not found in the silence "I" is the silence when all the hay has been blown away.


I can't find the key to the peace and the quiet that you reference. Did anyone find it?
How can we amidst these grand lies and these phony 2 dollar bills!
Who finds this lovable Prince? Did we locate the Magic Self or was it merely an outcropping?
I have only questions -- if you catch the drift.
The death is no small thing-but it must be reduced. So the ego melts away into the genuine kindness-that is so elusive and that no one can define.
Do you know what I mean?
Yours truly,
(A Room at) The Inn Security

The Easter of our Lives

Time stands still sometimes as the blinking light on the main street stops nothing as there is nothing to stop.
May we all find peace this weekend. And find an Easter in our own lives. From death of the small self, to the birth of the Magic Self within.
May the Prince of Peace rise from the dead, oh no not the One from two thousand years ago? But the Prince of Peace (1) which waits in our self-imposed prison." I " longs for freedom and birth.
Can we not see what IS, rather than the no-thing we pretend to be?
Gold and Silver are a symbol of that freedom lest we forget.
1. For unto us a child is born, unto us a
   Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall        
   be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of
   Peace.  Isaiah 9:6.
  Additional note from the closet. How sad we do not see the omnipresence of creation.
  Perhaps Isaiah was given a look at the majestic self we can all be? 

A Muse from the Closet

Oh what a great and human slice of life we all enjoy.
From the closet letting the flow be my voice. Some may not get it, some may not like it.
This is understood. It takes a world to make an experience.  The wonder of the "division of labor" every person giving that which he is capable of.  some may never measure up to the perfection that many think only resides with in the deep seeded emotion of their own being.
It is always the other guy, his action, his flaws. The critic walks without flaw. Riding the crest of adulation and popular opinion. Undaunted the judge and the jury. The arbitrator of all wisdom, the voice of wisdom.  I edit and reform and make all voices walk in the path of my own experience. Capricious yes, measured response no.
A point of view, all have one. (or should) Ready to make amends of course.  All make mistakes it is apart of life and learning. But also the ability and capacity to laugh, and cry and giggle. The ability to love and forgive.
What more is there.  Will the constant roar of the trading dollar find you peace?  What about friends, vodka, Willy. The joy of poetry.
"Hath not custom made this life more sweet
 Than that of painted pomp? Are not these woods
 More free from peril than the devious court?
 Here feel we the penalty of Adam,
 The seasons' difference; as, the icy fang
 And churlish chiding of the winter's wind,
 Which, when it bites and blows upon my body,
 Even till I shrink with cold, I smile and say
 "This is no flattery: these are counselors
 That feeling persuade me who I am.'
 Sweet are the uses of adversity,
 Which like the toad, ugly and venomous,
 Wears yet a precious jewel in his head;
 And this our life exempt from public haunt,
 Finds tongues in trees, book in the running brooks,
 Sermons in stones, and good in ever thing
 I would not change it. (1)
 History, economics. The ability to fall and get back up. Dispute the disapproval of the 
Discussion, some popular, some strange, some beyond belief. This life is for learning and, I bow to the powers of life.
They are all.
We must walk free without guilt, being in bondage to no man or idea, friends with all, loving our enemies even as our own "Self."  Speech and discussion come from the soul of a free man or women.  No one should be able to take this gift away.
That is why I am an Austrian Economist at heart.  A freeman in spirit. Which is earned with honest labor and life long experiences.
Gold and Silver are the honest weights and measures in which all civilization must be rooted any thing else is pompous. Any person who try to limit the expression and honest dialogue is dishonest and a traitor to his own belief in freedom. (see patriot act) And you can take that to the bank.
1)"As You Like It" Shakespeare Act II. Scene I.  The Forest of Arden

Amorphous Sludge (2)

In the closet this morning as I huddled in the corner. My coffee stained hand stuck to an old yellowed parchment. It is now day and filters of light invade the room.  standing now, still quivering at the noise of last nights clear message that so many dismiss as barbaric.
I look down at the yellow frayed message kept, I thought stacked in a neat pile on a little writing desk.  Now glued to my  stained hand with the "gum arabic which is used to make ink stick to newspapers"(1)
The old article should be emblazoned on the foreheads and minds of a Stationary bike generation.
"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in a sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed" (2)
1. Loretta Napoleoni   "Modern Jihad: Tracing the Dollars Behind the Terror Networks
2. President Dwight Eisenhower April 16, 1953

Stationary Bike (2)

In the closet this morning as I huddled in the corner. My coffee stained hand stuck to an old yellowed parchment. It is now day and filters of light invade the room.  Standing now, still quivering at the noise of last nights clear message that so many dismiss as barbaric.
I look down at the yellow frayed message kept, I thought stacked in a neat pile on a little writing desk.  Now glued to my stained hand with the "gum Arabic which is used to make ink stick to newspapers" (1)
The old article should be emblazoned on the foreheads and minds of a Stationary bike generation.
"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in a sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed" (2)
1. Loretta Napoleoni   "Modern Jihad: Tracing the Dollars Behind the Terror Networks
2. President Dwight Eisenhower April 16, 1953


Amorphous Sludge (1)
Thick foam and a gooey mass of agony rocked the closet this morning. (It threw my protective clafdb into the dark corner and I huddled in the dark room with my hands over my ears).  A blast from a distant place and time like a jackhammer left me weak,
It was ugly, it was bitterness, it was carnage, it was blood, it was death.  Who pays the price for this folly? When nations buy up armor, and bombs, and troops, and glory. How is this wealth transferred and where does it come from?
 It comes at the price of Bondage for future offspring, at the point of a gun. With a socialist dream called Keynesian Economics. (2) We as a people march in the streets for justice in trade, and against the poverty of power. For the end of wars and a time of growth and freedom. Yet we miss the cause.  Our eyes are blinded as we try to cross the river on the back of an alligator thinking it to be a log.
When the mass mind sees that peace, strength, and beauty come with the price of honest effort. With the weights and measures of a gold standard (3) and the practice of an Austrian based economic model.  
Then blood and agony will surely decline as war is limited to the purse of a nation's frugality and honest ledgers. And economic slavery is defeated.
Then perhaps the lion will lay with the lamb, and no wars will intrude into the closet, the secret place of the most high. And the thunder of silence will bring rest to a troubled world.
1. Capitalism, (Jameson Books, 1990)  George Reisman p863
2. See above chapter 18 a critique of.
3 See above chapter 19 Gold versus Inflation

Stationary Bike (1)

Sometimes in life as we approach critical decisions it is good to remember that life and history seem to be on a tread mill.  Oh we may drive fancier cars, and get where we are going with greater speed and efficiency.  But are we really going anywhere?
In a discerning way, Barbara Tuchman, "March of Folly, From Troy to Vietnam" asks a stationary bike question.   "Why is it that nations and governments, against their own best interests, proceed down paths of delusion? "

( question framed in my scribble)

With history to give us direction, and the terms of life set with the calendar, why is it that politicians, business leaders, economists, secular and religious leaders and populations continue to make choices that befuddle?
Why is it that we see death, and poverty, war, and inhumanity on a world scale? We are racing forward, yet still on a stationary bike.
Issue to explore from the closet. Or is transformation possible?
Written on the back of a napkin. April 7, 2004.


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