'People everywhere love freedom'

"Want to know why terrorists hate the US? Because we have a long history of overthrowing governments and installing puppet regimes in their place. For all the talk about Democracy, the US has a long history of backing dictators, such as Batista, Marcos, the Shah, and so forth, who oppressed their people for the benefit of American corporations until their people rebelled and regained their freedoms. Then the US labels those freedom fighters as "terrorists" to try to regain control. Want to stop terrorism? Stop screwing around with other people's countries and the terrorists will go home. Contrary to the corporate interests that rule this nation, terrorists don't hate us because we are free. People everywhere love freedom. Only governments hate people who are free. The terrorists hate the US because the US government is trying to take their freedom away, as happened when the US toppled democratically elected Allende and installed the dictator Pinochet in his place. Nobody likes another country to come in and mess with their country. We certainly do not like it happening here, so why should other people be any different? Terrorism is the bastard child of US foreign policy mated with US corporate greed."


Jim Willie

Guest writer Jim Willie has a PhD in Statistics...Ass backward Economics parts

Ass-Backwards Economics 1

Ass-Backwards Economics 2

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Japan, Argentina, Weimar or Muddle?

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John Maudlin

King Dollar & The Guilliotine

John Mauldin

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Marshall Auerback

The Boys at Gold Eagle are pestering Vronsky to post this guy - they rate him in the top 3 worldwide! 

 International Perspective

International Perspective -Archives

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Richard Russell 

Richard Russell is the septuagenarian who accurately forecast the last peak in gold - in 1980. He is making a similar call now - namely that the DOW and Gold will be WORTH ABOUT THE SAME - quite soon - Currently 9300 and 360 respectively! Some way to go, then...

 The Messenger 

One Ounce of Gold

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Mike Ruppert

Mike Ruppert denies here that Israel was in any way behind 911. Off to do some more contrarian thinking.... 

Beyond Bush - Part I

The Perfect Enemy

Mike Rivero

Mike Rivero wrote this pieces a year before 911!

Fake Terror - The Road to Dictatorship

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Your Government Lied to You  


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