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'In today's world of managed news, having a private intelligence source is mandatory for anyone that's concerned about his/her investments being influenced by geopolitical events'...Jim Sinclair

"Government is the only agency that can take a valuable commodity like paper, slap some ink on it, and make it totally worthless." - Ludwig von Mises


Read Ted Butler on Silver at 

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James Sinclair is Mr. Gold at

Great technical analysis  Gold Forum  

Gold, geopolitics, and energy Gold Discussion Forum - USAGOLD  

 Mavericks post technical analysis

Not to be confused with Jason Hommel's

Doug Noland and Marshall Auerback Prudent Bear

Jim Puplova Financial Sense Online

One GATA site, home of 'Economica' is Money File$

Pro-free market LewRockwell



Our very own... Holistic News Agency

Great site for serious alternative news  What Really Happened  

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Facts, Factions, Fiction & Fairy-tales @ Rumor Mill Forum & Rumor mill news

Celebrating its 10th anniversary Jeff Rense

A dirt-miner Sherman H Skolnick

'Talk radio for spies'

I like the look of.... Tom Flocco

From South America comes Narco News  

This is a new one on me. We'll see how it goes.... Intervention magazine





  American Enterprise Institute for Policy Research




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