NBC Poll: Bush rating lowest ever

Blast Near NBC Hotel

Fox News Tries to Smear American Free Press

Murdoch 'to stand down at BSkyB'

US-backed Iraq council bars Arab media

Israeli "Art Students" story pulled from most Canadian newspapers, but still available here.

This is what happens to stories your Govt does not approve of (This was about above article)

Amanpour reprimanded by CNN for admitting CNN "self censored" war coverage.

Here comes net-censorship.

CBS-Viacom merger redefines Jewish role in media

CNN practiced self-censorship

Bush to Propose Internet Monitoring System

English Al Jazeera site launched

The UK broadsheets that seem to be least contaminated with spin are the Independent and Herald. 

Truth Drowning In Sea Of Trivial Sound Bites

BBC website should be shut down, says Tory frontbencher

 The Washington 'PR'ess Corps

What's going on: Fox News seems to think it runs United States

Reader: Media can't be threatened by Zionists

Kate Adie says Independent reporters in Iraq officially targeted

Ahenakew claims 'racial control' of media "

  'RaiseTheFist' Webmaster Sentenced To One Year

Matt Drudge & the Secret Service

N.Y. Times rips off US Citizens

Soros challenges Bush via the Papers

Saving the net

The Credulous Press Corps

Michael Bloomberg

Murdoch papers step up war of words with BBC

Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press

FCC suffers blow over US media rules

Reporters fired for faking war story.

Murdoch's Extended Reach

'The media is a weapon of war'...not to mention a target if not controlled...

Media Summit with CIA's Tenet present

Robertson sues Herald over website allegations

Dunblane secret documents contain letters by Tory and Labour ministers

The un-free press. Embedded = safe = supervised. Independent = targeted.

You were either with us or against us

The case of the incredible mutating headline

Zionists Threaten To Kill California College Paper Editor

 Liberal? I don't think so...

The launch of a U.S. edition of the unabashedly 'liberal' Guardian...

Clear Channel Fires DJ for Opposing US Invasion of Iraq

GIA takes on CIA & TIA

The site Mike Savage tried to shut down and instead made famous!

Pro-Israel web site bashes ABC and NBC for daring to blame Israel for Palestinian deaths!

Flashback: The Franklin Cover-up Scandal  

Bloggers Gain Libel Protection

New York Times Judith Miller accused of “hijacking” military unit in Iraq

Media ownership

Know your history...

Beaverbrook, Murdoch and Black

It is all to easy to access paedophile material on the internet. Anyone who has done so becomes an easy blackmail target... 

Buyer Beware

The Internet Under Surveillance

The man who owned this website... 

... was murdered. The two parachutists that followed him out have not been named. 

Solving The Enigma Of Media Manipulation

Blair dossier put together with info from the internet.

I like BBC radio 5-live's candid style but even they won't touch 9/11. It is a reflection of the times we live in that our state-owned broadcaster is more trusted than commercial channels. My advice - ALWAYS check on the net for the missing 95%.

BBC and Guardian cover up US role in Iraq looting

Something deeply corrupt is consuming journalism

Ted Turner Calls Murdoch “Warmonger” Article

Prime Time Payola  

William Colby says

"The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media."

Former CIA Director William Colby


 Stories contemporary with Gulf War 2 

Read between the lines as

John Simpson says journalists are 'taking a hammering'  

Kate Adie on Iraq

Did the United State murder journalists?

Interesting 3rd paragraph on possible Al Jazeera/BBC/MI6 link....

Straw to seek explanation for journalist deaths

Iraq - the most dangerous war for journalists

Press mugged by Iraqi soldiers

Fury at US as attacks kill three journalists

Ukraine mourns dead journalist

Gilligan casts doubt on source of hotel attack

US claims killings were 'self defence'

Military accused of targeting non-embedded journalists


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