My evidence is all second-hand – I wasn’t there – I saw it live on TV. Here I list facts the US government cannot in any way deny.

I am not a structural analyst – I don’t know if bombs had to be used to bring down the buildings - though it seems very likely.


1)     WTC7 was not hit by a plane yet it fell down too. It has been admitted it was 'pulled'. How come there were explosive charges in the building BEFORE WTC1 & 2 were struck?

2)     Bush acted strangely on 911. (Actually he acts strangely always)

3)     Bush indicated he saw the first plane hit in real time – how? It was not broadcast in real time to the public.

4)     Bush & co invaded Iraq on the back of 911 on false pretences. He also was able to revoke the US constitution with Patriot acts I & II.

5)     Iraq is stuffed with oil and is adjacent to Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

6)     A shroud of secrecy surrounds the 911 investigation.

7)     ‘Hijackers’ are still alive!

8)     Passports are not as hardy as black boxes.

9)     The steel from WTC was not forensically examined before it was shipped to China with indecent haste to be recycled. (Are China in on the act?)

10)    Large events have been staged in the past to achieve a result – usually a war for profit.

11)    The Bush cartel are all doing very nicely out of Iraq. So far….

12)    Many, many other indicators point towards 911 being an operation planned by a large organisation rather than 'a towel head in a cave'.

13)    The mainstream media never allow the idea that  911 was possibly an ‘inside job’ to be given an airing, even although it is widely and increasingly discussed elsewhere, and convincingly debunking it would help lay the story to rest.

14)    Bush’s grandfather financed Adolf Hitler.

15)    Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset.

16)    Bush and the Bin Ladens were business partners.



Only the Pentagon plane did NOT fly over military bases en-route....

Map: Hijacked 9/11 Flights and Military Bases

Odigo says workers were warned of  911 attack

Someone pretending to be Al Qaeda makes sure that the blame goes in the right direction.

'Al-Qaeda' threatens poison attacks on U.S. water supplies

"My aim in pleading guilty was to expose the information I have."

Zacarias Moussaoui, the self-confessed al-Qa'eda terrorist accused of being the 20th September 11 hijacker, yesterday changed his plea from guilty to not guilty after an extraordinary debate with the judge.

And now he better watch out...

U.S. moves to dismiss charges in Moussaoui case

This Liberty Forum posting is extremely well supported by links to articles and evidence - and rather obviously attacked by those who want to discredit it... 

911 - Irrefutable Evidence

Sept 11 theorists meet in Berlin

'Al-Qaida' issues a chilling warning

Where Was Warren Buffet
On The Morning Of 911?


"Lone Gunman"

Claims 911 Was An Inside Job Go Mainstream

The day before 9-11, the FBI moved to make sure that Arab Muslims could not defend themselves on the internet from accusations that would be made after the WTC attacks.

US pulls the plug on Muslim websites

11 September 2001

19 al-Qaida suicide attackers hijacked and crashed four US commercial jets, two into the World Trade Center in New York City, one into the Pentagon near Washington, DC, and a fourth into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, leaving about 3,000 individuals dead or missing.

24 January 2003

Barcelona - Spanish police have detained 19 people suspected of having contacts with the al-Qaeda terrorist network. The suspects were arrested in the northeastern regions of Catalonia and Valencia, said media reports.

14 May 2003 

The Saudi government said the attacks were connected to 19 Al Qaeda operatives who engaged in a gunfight with police in Riyadh on May 6 as authorities seized a huge weapons cache.

27 Aug 2003 

Some of the 19 men being detained after an immigration raid this month in the Toronto area are suspected members of an al-Qaeda sleeper cell, according to documents released Tuesday.

Aug 30 2003 

All 19 men arrested in the car bombing that killed scores of people at the Imam Ali shrine have admitted links to Usama bin Laden 's ( search ) terror network, according to a senior Iraqi investigator.

Sept 26 2003 

US forces in Iraq are holding 19 suspected members of the al-Qaeda network, the US administrator in Iraq has said.

Oct 2003 

The air strike on Syria was a retaliation for a suicide bombing Saturday that killed 19 Israelis ...

US Forces Hold 19 Al Qaeda Suspects in Iraq-Bremer

Canadian terror probe against 19 Pakistanis falling apart

ANOTHER 9/11? - Portents of terror reappear, as Bush has second thoughts about the war

I have a perfectly sound explanation...


A conspiracy too far?

Sleeper Agents Mobilizing for 9-11 Anniversary

Superworm To Storm The Net On 9/11

Rafi Eitan Plotting New 9/11?


Case of 19 terrorists unraveling

Official Autopsy Report: NO Arabs On Flight 77

Al-Jazeera airs purported bin Laden tape

Bin Laden Tape Is Old Material - French Expert

New September 11 virus spotted; more on the way?

Fancy that...

Arrested "terrorist" turns out to be intelligence agent.

Al Qaeda: Worse coming

Text of Bush's speech on Iraq

I have done further analysis of the above shot of the second WTC plane. The apparent dark object under the fuselage flagged up as suspicious on a similar shot on Rense is consistent with the expected shadow of the starboard engine based on the position of the sun. It was a clear day. Light can play tricks....

Reported in the Guardian and on BBC 6th September. A timed warning from Michael Meacher. 

Meacher spills the beans on the neocons and 911

Meacher - 911 a ruse - full article

US fury at ‘offensive’ Meacher

911. The date could hardly have been better chosen - What an iconic group of digits! Porsche, NYPD, US Emergency call number (our 999)

19 terrorists. 

11 = twin towers. 

Ministers plan evacuation of London in terror strike

British Islamists to honor 9/11 hijackers - The Washington Times

Now who would be producing posters like this when the Muslim community knows some of these 'hijackers' are still alive?

'Al-Muhajiroun has been linked to the recent British suicide bombers in Israel and has issued calls to overthrow the British government.'

The Magnificent 19! -- Islamists to Celebrate Sept. 11th.

Looks like the UK is being set up for a big one and Meacher is warning us and 'them'.



Silverstein lease of WTC had a "terrorism" escape clause!

 9 Alleged 911 Hijackers Apparently Alive

Who wrote ‘Of the MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."? Read on….

Retro: Sept 10th document produced by US military

Retro: 2 men of ‘Middle Eastern Origin’ found with video of Sears Tower 

Moving companies make a great cover for spies to operate in a country...

Official FBI record - Spot the aliases

Movers held goods hostage, feds charge

More on Moving Company

9/11-Style Attack Predicted in Next Year


Pearl Harbour

Great collection of links documenting how Bush had advance knowledge of 9-11.

 1000 911 Victims 'Never Identified'

'Bush Responsible For 911' - USAF Officer Disciplined 

Ex-FBI Official Assails 9-11 Report

Condoleeza Rice Warned Willie Brown Not To Fly On 9-11


9/11 Report - The real Saudi Ties are U.S. Ties

A tour de force

Here we go again - Iran & Syria this time? 

Al-Qaeda 'plans summer attacks'

And to make things easier?

Airline companies disband air marshalls


White House Won't Declassify Saudi Material in 9/11 Report

Nor the stuff about Israelis....

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." -- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

This thread tries to examine the ratio of Jewish/Israeli workers to victims, to see if there is any statistical significance.

Were Israeli workers  warned?

9/11 report advises U.S. spy chiefs to learn from Israel

Families fight to see censored 9/11 documents

German disbelief over 9/11

Are Americans the victims of the world's greatest hoax?

WTC7 collapse

US Government offered victim's families money to NOT sue the airlines and investigate 9-11

911 investigation - Bush looks guilty

9/11 inquiry alleges witness intimidation

Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77

Bush 911 video

The Bush - Bin Laden connection

Sept. 11 paved the American path to war

'Although the Bush administration tried but failed to find significant links between Iraq and the attacks of Sept. 11, one cannot fully understand how the American government and people came to support a war against Iraq without considering the impact of the suicide hijackings. Absent Sept. 11, there might not have been a US-led march to war against Iraq. And maybe that is why 9-11 happened, to "motivate" the nation towards a war. Certainly in the case of the first invaded target, Afghanistan, there is no longer any question that the 

  US govt. announced the intention to invade Afghanistan long before 9-11 even happened

The conclusion is inescapable; 9-11 happened right on time to create the support for an already in-progress plan to invade the Mideast and Central Asia. How wonderfully obliging of the "terrorists" to stage 9-11 just when the US Government most needed it!' 

Sept 11 families file suit against WTC agency

Tensions rise over Sept. 11 report 


White Van Men

September 11: Did you know...?

Flight software must have been nobbled...

911 High Treason

Aircraft Resources

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