The UN Special Envoy to Iraq was calling for an end to the US Occupation... just before the car bomb killed him.

'An occupation cannot last'

Astonishing pictures of hurricane Isbel over.....


Greens criticize project to save Dead Sea

U.N. Chief Criticizes U.S. Attack on Iraq

Annan Challenges U.S. Doctrine of Preventive Action

Ancient 1500lb Monster Rodent Discovered

 It's Surreal - Disney-Dali Film Finished After 56 Years

UN calls for Keynsian injection to avert world slump

China, EU Launch Space Partnership

Antarctic Ozone Hole Biggest Ever

To curb file-sharing, the Music Biz cites child pornography.

I don't think female teachers have it in for boys - their intentions are good - it's just that before becoming teachers they were girls. Boys need male role models that are real, not cellulloid. Not to mention an academic assessment that addresses their mental wiring as well as it does girls...

Teacheresses Against Boy Children

Phony websites earning millions for fraudsters

Dismay as international pedophile probe fails

Now who would want the UN out of Iraq?

Previously unknown group claims responsibility for UN bombing.

UN Staff in Iraq to Be Evacuated, UN Sources Say

What lies behind the killing of Sergio Vieira de Mello?


Killer Heatwave A Sign Of Blistering Times Ahead

5000 Visitors Trample Crop Circles

Iron-eating bug found to thrive in 121C heat

The UN, Globalization and the Battle for the Airwaves

Hans Blix and David Kay

Cut out shoddy teaching and expose truancy at a stroke...

 Cams In Classrooms Will Watch Every Student

Earth Entering Galactic Dust Storm

 'Ecoterrorists' Set Sights On Urban Sprawl

Chemicals ban is leading to recovery of ozone layer

The next two articles are possibly connected to increased solar activity

The Earth is gonna blow its top

Yellowstone Park Getting Hotter - Closes Volcanic Basin

ECB recommends dumping Freddie and Fannie

 South Aral Sea 'Gone In 15 Years'

 TV Swearing 'Devastates' Communication Skills

We are the law!

The UN is a Communist plot?

Europe simmers in a tropical heatwave

Kinnock’s top fraud auditor quits in disgust

GM Companies Aim To Own Entire Global Food System 

World Weather Going Haywire.

Klu Klux Klan was Scottish

U.S. might ask NATO to take over control of Iraq occupation

US to inmates - confess or else! Meanwhile the US refuses to recognise international warcrimes court. Strange times

Amnesty Labels U.S. Trials 'Travesty of Justice'

Star Wars and Health Plagues

'Twin' solar system found

Planet X and the Sumerian Tablets Heist

 Global Warming: Shadow Of Extinction?

 Earth Slowing Down

Energy Crisis or People Control?

Now, class, dynamic, condenser or ribbon? Discuss

the hidden microphones Stalin used to shape the rebuilding of post-war Europe

Living in 2003 we get inured to contradictions in terms

Exceptional weather becomes norm

An RMN source warns...


Nuclear terrorist attack on Chicago is expected

Eurasia and America RMN threads

UN won't condemn N. Korean nukes

World News....

The Web spawns the Grid

Liberty ebbs as fear flows freely in the name of security

This is a DOSH article, but it has GLOBAL implications. James Sinclair is waiting for the bond market to turn. Why? because that will signal several geonomic events. A run up on gold is just one of them. Get up to speed at James' DOSH site.

Treasuries Reel as Bond Markets Battered

Bigfoot Sighting Prompts Expedition

Science Proved The Existance Of The Human Soul In 1907 

Theorems In The Wheat Fields

Amnesty: U.S. violates international law in Iraqi detention camps

War Crimes in the Name of Freedom: 227 Years....


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