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Dioxin Carcinogens cause cancer.

Don't freeze plastic bottles containing water as this releases dioxin.

Do not heat food in the microwave using plastic containers/cling film. The combination of fat, high heat and plastics releases dioxin into the food. Transfer those frozen curries into glass or ceramic containers. 

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Pope lies about condoms

Read comment @ end....

'Ethnic Bomb' To Kill Whites Only Tied To N Korea

Evidence of MMR risk is 'compelling'

Vaccines - 'A Medical Assault On The Immune System'

It ain't Hafnium hot, mum

The Incredible Genius
Of Eric Laithwaite

Depleted uranium may stop kidneys "in days"

'Al-Qaeda' threatens poison attacks on U.S. water supplies

Greens criticize project to save Dead Sea

Mystery pneumonia toll may be much higher

Cell phone brain damage

Lindh murder suspect identified

No ethnic bioweapon here then...

Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians


 Cell Phones Will 'Make You Senile'

The CIA Report On SARS

Antarctic Ozone Hole Biggest Ever

Airport Travelers To Get Ionizing X-Ray Radiation

 Singapore Quarantines 25 After SARS Case Confirmed

 Sold For Spare Parts By His Grandmother

 Five-Year-Olds Hit By Tooth Decay

Meat Bacteria Can Breed Deadly Superbugs In Humans

Parents Raise Worst Generation Of Kids Yet

Binge-Drinking Children Pour Into Hospitals

Army Says US Soldier In Iraq Dies Of 'Acute Leukemia'

The Sky May Not Be Falling - The Other View Of CO2

Flame Retardants Linked To Brain, Sexual Damage

NZ Mystery Hemorrhagic Lung Death Illness Claims Three

SARS Antibodies Confirmed In BC Patients

Students Using Ritalin To Boost Academic Performance


 Is SARS-Like Turning In MS In Some Survivors?

Orchestral musicians to be protected from decibels

Revealed - The Secret World Of Doctors' Slang

WHO Bracing For New SARS Outbreak

Dirty Secrets of the Pharma-Cartel: Part One


Most Drugs Never Safety Tested For Children

Cell Phones And Cancer

Our family do not own a video recorder! 

 TV Worse Than Chocolate For Fat Kids

30 years on...

In Vietnam Agent Orange still contaminates

... so what will life be like in the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq in 2033?, 20,033, 2,000,033?


7 More US Soldiers Hit With Mystery Illness In Iraq

EMF Dangers, Power Lines & 'Dirty Electricity'


The Tobacco Additives That Keep You Hooked

Know someone with the shakes?

Tetraethyl lead - the auto industry's smoking gun

Read This Thread!

On the Genocide Trail - coming to skies near you!

New Test Detects Alzheimer's Early

Methods of oxygenating your system - remove toxins from your body

 Holding Severed Head On, Man Drives Himself To Doc

Neuro-Cranial Restructuring and Meta-physics

Vitamin E

Fears grow for missing doctor

Pentagon Plans Draft Of Doctors And Nurses

18 Admitted To HK Hospital With Respiratory Problems

Microbiology: The Most Dangerous Area of Inquiry in the World

The Pharmaceutical "Business with Disease"

 US Worried By Quick Spread Of West Nile Virus

Risperdal - Another Dangerous Drug Given To Children

The tobacco industry knew for decades that cigarettes was addictive and harmful. Looks like the food industry similarly knew that...

Food products are addictive and cause obesity

Chronic Wasting Disease

SARS returns to divert our attention from the liars

Cure is better than prevention for bankers

US tested nerve gas in Britain

FBI 'knows US scientist who made anthrax'

This is the story which reported Dr. Zack entering the Anthrax lab. 8th paragraph from the bottom. Please email this article to every media outlet you know.

Irish Doctor Finds New AIDS Strains

Backlash Surprises Genetic Engineers

Hundreds of vitamin pills to be banned in UK

Influenza “a serious bioterrorism threat”

Speaking of biological and chemical weapons...

US admits to 50 secret tests of bio weapons on troops

Unlikely -probably disinfo...

Allies Deliberately Poisoned Iraq Public Water Supply In Gulf War

Yet another infectious disease scientist dies 'suspiciously'

Oz Having Its Share Of Severe Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

 UK Scientists Propose Mandatory Prescripton Drugs

UK DNA Database Being Built By Stealth 

Another dirty trick on the world's population is about to explode into the open. Just how big IS this can of worms called GUBBERMINT????

AIDS origin trial delayed, Ashcroft motions to dismiss U.S. Special Virus claims

Get the lowdown here....

Dr. Boyd Graves' web site

Polypill to be given to all over 55's!!!

Medicaid Dealth Bill

'... hundreds of (US) government documents proving HIV-AIDS was designed as biological terrorism against African-Americans.'

HIV-AIDS Court Case

Is Murder a Right ?

 SARS just won't go away......

Emerging Diseases

String of strange deaths of microbiologists in 2001

The Predictions And Strange Death Of 'Dr Flu'

Stop Forced Ritalin!  



My simple amateur strategy

Drink plenty fresh water (unfluoridated). A moderate amount of red wine. 5 portions of fresh fruit & veg daily, organic or home-grown if possible. Regular fruit, veg and water alter your food desires and burn off fat. Avoid processed foods and especially fizzy drinks. Do not over-consume beer & lager (that's the hardest part IMHO). Do not sit on your arse all day. Do not contribute to the Iraq war by paying tobacco tax (ie smoking). You will NOT get fat, and stay much healthier as a consequence. This will be of great value to you when our health service finally breaks down and/or a deadly virus sweeps the country.

Dark Chocolate Boosts Antioxidant Levels

Molecule In Red Wine, Peanuts Shown To Extend Life

Wolds find proves medieval babies stayed healthy for longer on mother's milk

Death Sentence For Dietary Supplements

Let's keep a sense of perspective here - after all we are all living longer than ever - aren't we...?

Study Warns Of High PCB Levels In Salmon

My kids might have eaten this stuff @ school...

British Man Convicted Of Selling Diseased Meat

Fast Food Industry Zeroes In On Children

British Study Links Crohn's Disease To Milk Bacteria

Monsanto Sues And Sues And Sues

Monsanto Roars Ahead With GM As If There Is No Liability

David Bellamy and many others warn on GM foods. Did you know cancers had increased 5000% in the last few years? DEALTH stalks us all....

GM food Dealth

Milk Marketing

Britain May Tax 'Fat Foods



British Government Push To Fluoridate Drinking Water

Fluoride Linked to Low IQ, Studies Show

Fluoride's Insidious, Deadly Effects

Fluoridation/Fluoride -
Toxic Chemicals In Your Water

Fluoride Dealth -Read This!  



Blowing the N-whistle : Depleted uranium: How dangerous is it?

Are US Soldiers In Iraq Dying From DU?  

Iraqis curse 'silver bullet'  radioactive contamination

Greenpeace Says "Frightening" Radioactivity in Iraqi Villages

Uranium Medical Research Centre claims that Afghanis living near US attacks sites have been exposed to NON-depleted Uranium, i.e. fissionable isotopes.

 Troops Now Show Uranium Sickness Signs Says Expert

Australian troops are suffering radiation sickness

America's big dirty secret

This was shown to troops going to Gulf War 1.....

Depleted Uranium Awareness Training Video  

.... Apparently GW2 troops were denied access.....

Birth Defects Seen In Gulf War Vets' Kids

The Silent Genocide from America

Birth Deformities in Iraq resulting from DU weapons used in Desert Storm 1

Nuclear poisoning now




Vaccine deal turnaround

Parents Denied Access To New Autism Reports

Vaccines May Fuel Autism Epidemic

WRH Says:

 'Vaccinations started out as a good idea to ward off certain illnesses. Then it became big business, with vaccines being sold to the public for illnesses their children were not likely to encounter. Now we are finding out that chemicals added to the vaccines to make it less expensive to store and transport them may be responsible for the epidemic of autism we are seeing in this nation. And in another development, some vaccines are actually "confusing" the body into having an immune response against itself, such as the type-1 infant diabetes caused by t-lymphocytes attacking part of the pancreas following certain vaccinations.'

Smallpox Vaccine 'Insurance'

Aluminum Dealth known about

Birth Control Vaccines?



SARS news resource


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