The well works, and yields water all year round...

More pictures will be posted here in the next week or so. 

Why Turkey?

1) Turkey is very cheap to live in

2) Turkey is self-sufficient in food and water

3) Turkey does NOT have an ageing demographic

4) High quality property in Turkey is in short supply. Much development has been misguided, and whole areas are devalued IMO. Prime sites with planning permission command a premium.

5) Southern Turkey has a great climate, with 300 days of sun every year 

6) Turkey still strongly espouses family values.

7) You can eat organically for low cost by growing/raising/hunting your own food, and by striking up deals with locals.

8) There is a growing expat community (some compare Turkey with Spain 30 years ago).

Antik-Ev's first restoration project is two houses in Hatipler village, Side, Turkey. I hour's drive from Antalya airport. (Red arrow on Google map). The final work on both houses is being completed in 2007, and both are offered for sale.

The next project will be a group of stone houses set by a lake suitable for  all-year-round sailing and fishing, mountain biking and walking. Swimming in spring, summer, autumn.

View from the Project Land


The area has been designated a special tourism area, and only architecturally sympathetic developments will be permitted. If you are interested in what we are doing email me at

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Subprime Echo

Property prices in the EU will come under pressure as a result of the sub-prime fallout and of course Europe's own rampant house-price growth. Especially vulnerable are Spain, Italy and the UK.

Turkey has also experienced a rush to real estate and a correction is possibly due here too. Therefore why buy at all?

You have to live somewhere. No doubt city locations will be hit hard in the new paradigm. With some gold and silver put by, I can think of few better places in Europe to weather the coming financial storm. And of course, if life goes on much as before, a place in the sun in an undervalued area will pay handsome dividends as it is 'discovered'.

Interior details

Houses will have all services including Broadband.

More pictures will be posted here in the next week or so.